Welcome to Seyewailo. That means many things. The point at which dreams become reality. The crossroads at which the Flower world and Wilderness world meet. The great blooming, the process of becoming.

My writing is a process of my becoming. I don’t know where it is leading me. Most of the posts here will be about either activism of some kind or the craft. Those two things are not separate in my mind. Posts about the craft are from an indigenous perspective, of magic that is sung through me,that rises up through the latticework of the world. My craft is about relationship, and how I engage with the world. It is not about how to do spells, but about how to read the lines of the world and find my way. There are a thousand ways to fall in love with the world. A witch seeks to know them all.

Some of these posts are stand alone personal posts. Some are part of a future book project I am writing. The craft is political and my magic is liberationist, so just know that going in. I’m going to kick everything you find sacred. And I’m going to make you feel things. You’re welcome.

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